Today Grass Valley launched version 1.1 of Mync. Amongst others, the following features are now included in Mync Standard:

Importing Storyboards to EDIUS and other editing software
It is now possible to export storyboards created with Mync in the FCP XML format, to import them to EDIUS 8, etc., and then register the sources and edited data used when creating the storyboards to the bin of EDIUS 8, etc.  The format of FCP XML file exported from Mync Standard is the XML format of Final Cut Pro 7, which means that the file also can be easily imported into other software which supports Final Cut Pro 7 XML.

Other New Features and Modifications
All new formats supported by EDIUS such as H.265 HEVC, Canon C700 Raw and Panasonic GH5 material when using its 6K photo mode are supported by Mync as well. The colour spaces BT.2020/BT.2100 for HDR sources in PQ format have been added and the H.264 software encoder has been improved. (Further information regarding the news in EDIUS 8.5 and thereby also all new formats supported by Mync you find in our EDIUS 8.5 podcast).

For Mync owners the update can be downloaded here.

Please note that for EDIUS 8 owners the Mync update is automatically included in the update to EDIUS 8.5 (which in turn can be downloaded here).

Further Information about the new features in Mync 1.1 you can also find in the following interview from the NAB Show with GV’s Vice President Katsushi Takeuchi and in our short presentation about storyboards in XML format: